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3D Juggling 480: Stormy Weather Forecast

Last Monday, the UK government announced a £6 billion cut in public spending. As a result, we are a offering free place at our Career Makeover event on 5 June to anyone whose job is at risk as a result of that announcement.

Claire writes: ‘The fallout from the recession is still affecting the private sector. Cuts in public funding will mean that the public sector is also in for a stormy future. How do you lead in a time of uncertainty?

We were thinking about this a few days ago and playing with the idea of swimming safely in a stormy sea:

  • Which waves do you choose to ride, which do you avoid?
  • Where is the lifeguard?
  • What was your lifejacket look like?
  • How do you learn to swim with the tide and keep safe?
  • Where are the most helpful channels and currents?
  • Who else is in the water with you? Panicking swimmers can pull others down. Sharks circle groups of people, rather than attacking them.
  • If you’re going to be in the water for a long time, do you need a wetsuit? Or goose fat?
  • What you need to do now to make sure there will be a lifeguard on the beach?

You certainly can’t hope that the storm isn’t happening.

In the sea, you identify and draw on whatever resources are available to remain safe, and try to travel to land effectively. What resources can you identify and draw on now to remain effective in your organisation? Other people need to absorb some of the work which will need to continue post-cuts. What needs to happen to manage that in a way which honours the work, the staff, and the customer?

How rough is your sea?’

Love this? If this is the reality in your organisation and you’d like to talk about how to support staff through the transition, call us and we can meet for a coffee. It’s on us!

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3D Juggling 427: The Sky in the Jigsaw

Claire writes: “I have enjoyed a few days holiday in the last week which has mostly involved going out for coffee, thinking, and watching films! It’s been a good time to reflect on what’s been going on in 3D over the last year. 12 months ago, we had a number of changes and it wasn’t totally clear where we would be heading. It was rather like doing a jigsaw. Several parts of the puzzle were complete, most of the edge was in place and it was time to tackle the sky. Sky or grass, when you first start what seems to be solid colour, it takes time and trial and error to find the right pieces. As the puzzle comes together the distinction between different blues and greens becomes increasingly clear so that the last few pieces are obvious.

It’s easy to discern backwards! We’re in a climate of major change – for those in work, leaving work or trying to get back into work. The puzzle takes time and patience as we to turn all the pieces the right way up, make an attempt at the edge and slot in the obvious pieces that just fell out of the box together. Working at it until 2am is rarely fruitful. Taking time to do something else and returning to the puzzle with new eyes can make it a much more enjoyable experience. And at the end, it doesn’t matter that some of the pieces in the edge were wrongly placed. It doesn’t take long to reorganise them and fit the last few pieces together.

Which bit of your puzzle are you stuck with?

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