For Coaches

We train people to coach. 

Some people use this to integrate coaching at work, some are aspiring coaches and others are experienced executive coaches.

We underpin everything with simple principles.

Everything we teach based on the International Coaching Federation’s definition of mastery. 

We model simplicity in how we train. 

None of our programmes require reading or written assignments. If it helps your learning to do deeper reading and write reflections, we are happy to support you with this by making recommendations and reading what you write.

If you are already a coach

Why not dip in to the modules that interest you – we have a variety of live online training, in-person and asynchronous

If you are new to this

Why not come to our taster webinar Insight or start with Transforming Converastions

Using Coaching over Time

Learn from our weekly blog

This is the place we share one idea that will enable you to coach more effectively.

Listen to our podcast - The Coaching Inn

Join the 3D Coaching team at our virtual pub where you can listen to conversations with coaching authors, thought leaders and people using a coaching approach at the grass roots.

In addition, you‘ll find our virtual book group and conversations on ethics that can be used as part of the ethics requirements for ICF and other professional coaching bodies.

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3D’s online shop where you can buy lots of resources offering that will enable your coaching to be more transformational.

Buy Claire's book - Simplifying Coaching

“This is the kind of book that, after reading, you will want to have nearby for easy reference and reminders. I suspect that the well-worn pages will be a symbol of the book’s lasting contribution to coaching – and to transformational conversations. A clear, concise summation of coaching that will benefit the new and the seasoned coach alike.” —J. Val Hastings, MCC and President of Coaching4TodaysLeaders and Coaching4Clergy