We believe that coaching is a holy space, drawing on Christian tradition in many different ways, and that conversations that are high in grace and truth have an important place in the church.

What we offer for Church Leaders

What we offer for Teams & Dioceses

At the heart of our training

We understand the balance between vocational and professional.

All our training is about having effective and transformational conversations.

Share ideas, best practice and learning with our partners at Coaching4Clergy

We are committed to support clergy to develop in their own ministry and vocation

We have contributed to The Curates Guide’, Ministry 3.0: How Today’s Church Leaders are using Coaching to Transform Ministry’ and written ‘How to Make Great Appointments in the Church: Calling, Competence and Chemistry’

We continue to learn and develop through the work we do with you – and are continually exploring the theology and spirituality of coaching.

We have worked with every diocese in the Church of England and the Church in Wales, in the Methodist Church and with other denominations of all tradition.

“Often with theology we have a lot of ology (study) and not much theo.  You are so full of theo and the whole 3D Coaching is so full of theo it’s really given me a new line of thinking in terms of God being the ultimate coach.”


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