3D Juggling 583: Generous Succession

Claire writes: ‘We have been captivated by the Paralympics and last Thursday saw gold after gold go to Team GB.  Most important, I think, is what can be learned from the generosity of Oscar Pistorious who failed to gain a medal and gave a generous interview saying that Jonny Peacock is the new generation of sprinters.

Good succession planning means generously passing the limelight onto the next generation. Business and organisations have much to learn from that interview.  where do we need to be pointing to upcoming colleagues and introducing them to others as the next generation? Where do we need to get over our own need for affirmation and put others in the limelight even when it might cost our ego?

And at the same time, how do we acknowledge to others those in generations before us and also thank them for their part in our journey. Mike Kenny is the British Paralympian with the most medals and has been barely mentioned by anyone this summer.  That’s where British sport and the world’s media may also have a lesson to learn.

What does your organisation need to do differently?  Think about it…’

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