Coaching Supervision

You learned the technical skills of coaching in your training.

The art of coaching  emerges as you make it your own – co-creating a conversation, reflecting, developing and integrating your learning. Sometimes it will be extraordinary. Sometimes it will be average.

Excellent coaching pays attention to the individual and the systems they inhabit. Supervision is a place to help you find your true voice and be real. We want to make it accessible to you even if you aren’t doing enough coaching to warrant paying for monthly supervision or wouldn’t have something to bring every time. Working this way can cost as little as £5 per month

All Claire’s groups are a hybrid of supervision (the impact of coaching on you), mentor coaching (the nuts and bolts of what you do in the room), demos of the things we are exploring and human companionship – standing together as we learn. We will work out what we need to do each time we meet. And we harvest the learning from one another and from our best teachers – the people we coach


If you are coaching more than 15-20 hours a month, and want to bring something every time, Claire hosts monthly supervision sessions.  

  • 10 monthly online sessions (2 hours) over the course of 1 year
  • Maximum of six people 

Cost : £850 – £1000 + TAX.

Claire Pedrick

Claire Pedrick


Claire is our coaching supervisor. 

  • a practicing coach
  • receives supervision on her work
  • works systemically – taking account of your clients in their team and organisation
  • brings a lifetime experience of coaching, coaching supervision training and a bucket full of enquiry, not knowing and humanity.

Interested in 1-1 supervision?
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What’s it like working with 3D?

Your coaching style will become simpler and cleaner so that you can better serve your clients and their organisations. Transformational supervision will stretch you as a coach and add value to the work which you do.

Claire makes a note at the end of each session about how much of the time was mentor coaching so that you can use that for re-credentialing with the ICF, if that’s your professional body.

How to join group supervision

Let’s have a chat. There are plenty of spaces in the community, and two spaces left for group supervision every month.

Email and we will set up a chat with Claire