Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is about the art and the science of coaching:


Art and Science

Great coaching is about alchemy and art. The art of coaching is to do with the context of your coaching and the dynamics of the way you engage together. Excellent coaching pays attention to the individual and the systems they inhabit. Our style is informed by Hawkins and Smith’s Seven Eyed Model of Supervision.

The alchemy of coaching is about what you do in the room. It’s about co-creating the work you will do together before you dive in. We use the core coaching competencies of the ICF as a starting point for this.

Supervision is the best way to develop professionally by integrating your knowledge with what you are learning from the coaching you do. Coaches who work with 3D notice their coaching style becoming simpler and cleaner.  This refines your practice as a coach, allows you to better serve your clients and their organisations and develops your art.

Transformational supervision will stretch you as a coach and add value to the work which you do.


Claire Pedrick MCC is our coaching supervisor. She is

  • a practicing coach
  • receives supervision on her work
  • works systemically – taking account of your clients in their team and organisation

Claire has a limited number of coaching supervision spaces.  Call us on 07823 497967 or email to ask the questions which are on your mind about your own professional development as a coach. We work by phone, and  Zoom. We will negotiate a fee with you that it is affordable to you and fair to you and to us.

Claire is always happy to have 5 minute decompression chats between supervision sessions for coaches who work with her regularly.

“I knew that I could be better as a coach, but it was only when a very experienced coach listened to my recorded coaching sessions and gave me feedback over a period of time that I had concrete things to work on. [She] acknowledges me when I am meeting the ICF competencies for the level I am aspiring to. Equally, she is very supportive in helping me see the possibilities for what I need to do differently. Every time I leave a supervision session with [her], I feel the challenge to improve my coaching for the benefit of my clients. I cannot extol the virtues of supervision enough, even for an experienced coach, and [she] is an excellent supervisor.” CN