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3D Ideas 917: I Was There

Claire writes: “Welsh comedian Max Boyce was famous for the phrase ‘I Know ‘Cos I Was There’. Which brings me to the subject of asking questions. I notice that in conversation, the question-asker will often take time to explain their question to make sure that the thinker understands it.  This can make questions grammatically correct,… [Read More]

3D Ideas 916: The River

We are delighted that you can now pre-order Claire’s new book Simplifying Coaching from the independent retailer Bookshop.org. Comes out 7th December. Claire writes: “For this lockdown, we have formed a household with my brother.  He knows this area well.  We are simply beginning to explore. Every day last week he told me how to… [Read More]

3D Ideas 915: A Tap

Claire writes: “I’ve been thinking about the start of conversations for a few months now. And noticed that when it’s not clear to both parties in a conversation when the work is starting that it can get messy. One of us thinks we are doing some work – the other one is just chatting. It’s… [Read More]

Simplifying Coaching by Claire Pedrick

Coaching is about processing information, ideas, feelings and insights. The thinker needs to process their own data. Much coaching starts with data transfer where the thinker tells the coach a lot of things and the coach wonders what to do with it. Learn what Claire Pedrick is learning from teaching managers to use coaching skills and what she teaches experienced Executive Coaches – how to facilitate someone else’s thinking. This book is useful for anyone who has conversations with people.

Launch Date: 7th December

£18.99 Buy this Book

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