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3D Ideas 908: My favourite

Claire writes: “I don’t know about you, but the combination of covid and on-demand TV this year has provided me an opportunity to indulge my love of forensic pathology.  I have watched every episode of BBC’s Silent Witness over the last few months. Only two series to go! Our daughter has been living with us… [Read More]

3D Ideas 907: Connection

Claire writes: “There’s lots to learn in training events. Delegates make observations or ask questions that get me thinking.  I have a sheet on my desk to catch them so that I can process them later without forgetting. We were talking about staying in connection with someone as they are thinking, and the importance of… [Read More]

3D Ideas 905: Don’t Bottle it

Claire writes: “This morning was the final module of Transforming Conversations. It’s the moment when people start to see everything they are unlearning come together and they grasp their courage in both hands.  Twice this morning, even more courage would have looked like saying half a sentence as a question and leaving it with the… [Read More]

Simplifying Coaching by Claire Pedrick

Coaching is about processing information, ideas, feelings and insights. The thinker needs to process their own data. Much coaching starts with data transfer where the thinker tells the coach a lot of things and the coach wonders what to do with it. Learn what Claire Pedrick is learning from teaching managers to use coaching skills and what she teaches experienced Executive Coaches – how to facilitate someone else’s thinking. This book is useful for anyone who has conversations with people.

Launch Date: 7th December

£18.99 (currently on offer on Amazon UK)

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