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3D Ideas 962: Cabin Crew Insights

Claire writes: “Metaphors only go so far… so I am never sure what someone is going to say when I talk about conversations as a plane journey, and they respond ‘I used to be cabin crew…’. That metaphor of a conversation as a plane journey – taking off, flying and landing – is still bringing… [Read More]

3D Ideas 961: In Good Company

Claire writes: “I’ve just come off a training call with mentors.  Mentoring, I think, is coaching with content – we are facilitating the thinking of someone else – and sometimes it’s useful to put stuff in.  Yet mentoring can become a perfect storm – you have much wisdom to share – and they want everything… [Read More]

3D Ideas 960: 600 words

Claire writes: “There was a fascinating radio interview recently with English restaurant critic Jay Rayner.  He was talking about his newspaper column which has to be 600 words long.  “It would take far less time to write more words”, he said.   In conversation last week at The Coaching Inn, coach and supervisor Jeff Matthews talked… [Read More]

Simplifying Coaching by Claire Pedrick

“It’s low on waffle and fluff, but adds meat to the bones where needed. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is working in a coaching capacity.” 

“This is an advanced book though I would recommend it to those new to coaching and to experienced practitioners. Based on my reading of it I’d say to beginners do less than you think in your coaching and to people like me, who have been coaching for many years, do way less than you are doing. To simplify your coaching read this book and practice the deep wisdom offered up in Claire Pedrick’s straight forward, no fluff, style.
It’s also a simple book, easy to read and broken down into less than 10 chapters each with short passages taking the reader through the beginning, middle and end of the coaching process and all linked back to what the main coaching bodies say – a very useful feature for those working towards coaching credentials.
This is a distillation of Claire’s 30 years coaching experience, its practical and useable, it’s how she coaches, it’s how she coaches me.”

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