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3D Ideas 926: Let Go of the Baton

Claire writes: “Zoom world is loved by some and hated by others.  One thing I love is that when I watch coaches coaching, I get the same view as them of the thinker thinking.  My neighbours must be fed up with me saying loudly: ‘Please. Stop. Talking!’” Coaching is about keeping someone’s thinking in flow… [Read More]

3D Ideas 925: Engine Noise

You can now listen to the weekly blog on iTunes through our podcast The Coaching Inn Claire writes: “We were debriefing a live coaching demonstration last week and talking about how many times we had landed the conversation.  The thinker said we had finished and I checked in what else we needed to do to… [Read More]

3D Ideas 924: The Same Chair

Claire writes: “So England is in lockdown again.  Version 3.0. For various complicated reasons, we have found ourselves living in a different house in each lockdown. On one level that’s annoying because in our in-between home we don’t have access to most of our books – and there aren’t many jobs that need doing hanging… [Read More]

Simplifying Coaching by Claire Pedrick

Coaching is about processing information, ideas, feelings and insights. The thinker needs to process their own data. Much coaching starts with data transfer where the thinker tells the coach a lot of things and the coach wonders what to do with it. Learn what Claire Pedrick is learning from teaching managers to use coaching skills and what she teaches experienced Executive Coaches – how to facilitate someone else’s thinking. This book is useful for anyone who has conversations with people.

“It’s low on waffle and fluff, but adds meat to the bones where needed. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is working in a coaching capacity.” Latest 5* review on Amazon

£18.99 Buy now

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