3D Ideas 967: Present Tense

Claire writes: “As part of our preparation to walk The Camino in 2022, my friend Margaret is learning Spanish using the DuoLingo App.  She’s learned about 250 words so far that should support us with finding food and shelter.  And she’s only learning the present...

3D Ideas 966: Dancing Season

Claire writes: “If you’re not a fan of the British Saturday Night Show, Strictly Come Dancing, you’re probably fed up with me talking about it in the blog and at The Coaching Inn! However, there is lots to learn from the world of dance about partnership in...

3D Ideas 965: Platform 9 3/4

Claire writes: “When Twitter was in its infancy, I met a US coach online. We had much in common and quite soon, we met at Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross station in London in order to share learning and deliver some training together. I’m delighted that J Val Hastings are...

3D Ideas 963: Tone Matters

Claire writes: “What a delight to interview Tünde Erdös at The Coaching Inn last week. You can listen here if you want to dig deep into what she’s learning about presence - that thing that we can’t see and yet that is noticeable when it’s absent.  It’s deepened my...

3D Ideas 961: In Good Company

Claire writes: “I’ve just come off a training call with mentors.  Mentoring, I think, is coaching with content - we are facilitating the thinking of someone else - and sometimes it’s useful to put stuff in.  Yet mentoring can become a perfect storm - you have much...

3D Ideas 960: 600 words

Claire writes: “There was a fascinating radio interview recently with English restaurant critic Jay Rayner.  He was talking about his newspaper column which has to be 600 words long.  “It would take far less time to write more words”, he said.   In conversation last...

3D Ideas 959: Looking Ahead

Claire writes: “It was more than 20 years ago, that Mark Forster, author of Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play commented that the people who write time management books are the people who can already manage time well… and that those of us who struggle...



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