Coaching Principles

At it’s heart, coaching is deceptively simple and powerful… when we can learn to leave behind being the expert.

We are learning all the time, and these get simpler the more we think about them.  3D’s Principles fit well into the ICF Core Competencies and you will find many practical tips and examples in our blog.  It’s simple.

The 3D principles of coaching (revised August 2018) are:

  1. Contract
  2. Ask them
  3. Keep the responsibility in the middle
  4. We process – you action
  5. Change hats with consent
  6. Be silent and ask questions where necessary
  7. Change the medium
  8. Ask questions from a different place
  9. Notice don’t diagnose
  10. Do it now
  11. When it’s over, it’s over
  12. Don’t talk to the wavy people
  13. Show the working out
  14. Be unconditionally positive about time
  15. Move!

It’s simple!  Simple isn’t always easy.