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We train people to coach

Some people use this to integrate coaching at work, some are aspiring coaches and others are experienced executive coaches.

We coach your people

Coaching programmes look different in different organisations. We would work with you to understand the needs of the individuals or teams and create an agreement which meets the systemic needs. Flexible in our approach, we put the Thinker at the centre so they can explore what they need to in order to grow their confidence, leadership, or decision-making – whatever their focus needs to be. We work with Senior Executives, Team Leaders, Technical Experts – the people that you want to invest in to develop your organisation’s impact. We work effectively , so that you’ll see impact quickly.

We facilitate action learning sets

Action Learning Sets: an effective and powerful tool for developing learning, embedding culture change and empowering your leaders. We are experienced in facilitating Action Learning Sets in organisations and can help you design a programme which supports and enables the organisation goals. We also can train your people to facilitate Action Learning Sets.

To find out how this might work in your organisation, book a chat with Su.

Explore how we work

To explore how we work with organisations and to find out how this might work in your organisation, book a chat with Su


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Space to learn from other coaches and receive monthly supervision from Claire. Accessible membership tiers to suit you whether you are coaching a little or a lot.


Our online shop is full of physical and online resources to help you develop as a coach.


Our experienced team of coaches offer one-off coaching sessions or coaching over time.