Transforming Conversations (4 days)

columbus-circle-1688794_1920‘Brilliantly organised & facilitated. Best run course I’ve been on. Really seeing the value of something I was initially sceptical about’

​Have you experienced a conversation that has shifted your thinking in a short time? Do you want to be able to have conversations like that at work?

Transforming Conversations can help you

Run by experienced coaches who are industry professionals, Transforming Conversations is our core coaching training. It is practical and based on sound theory​ and research​.

​What’s unique about this programme is that​

Many delegates use Transforming Conversations in their current role. Some use it as a first step (28 hours) in a pathway to accreditation​ as an ICF Certified Coach. Experienced coaches come as part of their CPD

​Transforming Conversations is run as an internal programme in a variety of organisations​ around the world every week​.

​Delegates need to come to all four days.​ It offers 28 Coach Training Hours (ICF Core Competencies)​

Once a year Claire Pedrick MCC runs an open Course in Milton Keynes​ (UK)​. To ease travel, days 1&3 ​are 09.30-17.30 and Days 2&4 are 08.30-16.30.

Our next Open Course will be held on

Who is paying?
In organisations the cost is based on our day rate in your sector. ​It is 8 facilitator days. It is always our intention to develop one or two of your people so that they can begin, over time, to co-facilitate with us.​

A fair exchange is important to us when we work with you so ​​o​n the open course​ ​​​​our fees depend on your context. If you work in or mainly with

Book your space online or by emailing and we will will invoice you for the cost of the course.

“Really grateful for such a well crafted course which enabled me to be in a much more confident place in just four days! Stunning! I would definitely recommend 3D to others. Not least because all they teach adheres to ICF core competencies and the hours in training count towards accreditation, but mostly because the course delivers what it claims, in a professional and friendly way and at a great venue!” CS

“It was some of the highest quality training I’ve ever had the good fortune to receive.” JT

“I really liked extremely competent delivery and teaching, non-coercive, real, straightforwardness with no waffle, relevant, very simple and usable, transformational – honestly!” Karl Freeman

3D has been running this programme since 2004 (as Coaching for Excellence). We have trained people in the NHS, Church of England, Church in Wales, Local Government, corporate clients and independent coaches.