Mentor Coaching


Do you want to become an extraordinary coach and be recognised for that in the marketplace by going for accreditation with the ICF (International Coaching Federation)?

If you’re window shopping, you probably have information overload by now.

You need the best support that will help you facilitate thinkers to think. You need a mentor who can support you to address bad habits and be the best you can be.

3D have been offering mentor coaching for over 15 years. Claire Pedrick MCCPeronel Barnes PCC and Ruth Bennett PCC are our mentors. Claire wrote Simplifying Coaching which is about MCC level conversations.


Talk to us

1. We listen to you and your experience to see whether 3D Mentor Coaching is right for you.

2. We agree a fair price and a speed and frequency that works for you.

3. We listen to your coaching together and learn from each other, to sharpen our edges.


We recommend you start

  • ACC (when you have 50 hours coaching or 6 months before you reach 100 hours)
  • PCC (when you have 400 hours coaching or 6 months before you reach 500 hours)
  • MCC (when you have 1750 hours coaching or 1 year before you reach 2500 hours/ or PCC renewal date)

We cannot guarantee you will pass – that’s up to the discretion of the examiner – our role is to support you to become a better coach and give you direct and honest feedback against the competencies with areas to develop.


Contact us now by calling 07823 497967 or emailing to talk about how we can support your coaching journey. What we charge you is based on what you charge others.

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Work with 3D and

more transformation will happen in your coaching conversations

you’ll start coaching using the competencies at MCC level

you will serve those you coach, even better


If you want to renew your ACC credential, once a year, Claire offers a dedicated group for you.

And find out more about the work Claire does with aspiring MCC coaches.


“A huge thank you for such a good experience with the coach mentoring workshops.  You create such a great learning environment with a lightness of style combined with real depth that is inspiring.” MG