Mentor Coaching

If you are serious about developing your skill, mentor coaching is, without doubt, the fastest and most effective way of becoming an extraordinary coach. We use recordings of your own sessions.  This can be uncomfortable and adds value to you and those with whom you work.  It is a safe space to make significant tweaks to your practice. The ICF require all coaches going for accreditation to have mentor coaching.  Mentor Coaching uses real data which makes it different from coaching supervision where we explore the dynamics of the coaching conversation and it’s impact on you using your reflections.

For coaches going for

we run groups with up to 6 people in our online Zoom Room.   The next group will run roughly monthly on Mondays 13.30-14.30 (UK) starting on 6th April 2020.

If you are going for Master Certified Coach, Claire offers 1-1 MCC Mentor Coaching for people on a journey to mastery.

In the groups, you will have 7 x 1 hour sessions where you coach each other.  The learning comes from coaching, observation and feedback.  Your 3D mentor will pause and give feedback against the ICF Core Competencies. This practical work is where people do their greatest development. We don’t use the sessions to teach.  Instead you have free access to 11 hours of pre-recorded training on mastery in each of the the 11 core coaching competencies (normally £99). The ICF require you to have an additional three x 1 hour 1-1s.  Before, mid-way and at the end of the programme you will have a virtual one to one with your mentor who will listen with you to a recording of you working with one of your people.  Together you will explore your strengths and areas to develop. It is likely that you will submit one of these as part of your credential application.

If you want to renew your ACC credential, we offer a dedicated group for you, find out more here.


Our mentor coaches are

Your mentor needs to have at least the credential you are applying for.


It is important  to us that fees are a fair exchange for you and for 3D, and that mentor coaching is affordable whatever your sector. We negotiate fees with you when you contact us.

Email or call Claire on 01462 483798 to explore how mentor coaching with 3D will help you to be an even greater coach.

Feedback“A huge thank you for such a good experience with the coach mentoring workshops.  You create such a great learning environment with a lightness of style combined with real depth that is inspiring.” MG