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Mentor Coaching

If you are serious about developing your skill, mentor coaching is, without doubt, the fastest and most effective way of becoming an extraordinary coach. Learning and reflective practice are useful. Listening to recordings of your own sessions – and how thinkers respond to your coaching is what counts! That’s why ICF require all coaches applying for accreditation to work with a mentor coach.

Mentor Coaching uses real data. That makes it different from coaching supervision where we explore the dynamics of the coaching conversation and its impact on you, using your self-reflection. Mentor Coaching is a safe space to make significant tweaks to your practice.

We run groups online with up to 6 people going for

During covid19 we are also running groups for aspiring MCC coaches.  1-1 mentor coaching is available for coaches at all levels – ACC, PCC and MCC.

All of our mentor coaching groups include

We are forming the next group now. Register your interest by emailing info@3dcoaching.com or calling us on 07823 497967. You can have your 1-1 as soon as you sign up!

Claire Pedrick MCC and Peronel Barnes PCC are our mentors and have been developing coaches for many years. Your mentor needs to have at least the credential for which you are applying.

If you want to renew your ACC credential, once a year, Claire offers a dedicated group for you. You are probably using coaching in another role, and we take account of that in the way we work.


It is important to us that our fees are a fair exchange for you and for 3D, and that mentor coaching is affordable for you whoever and wherever you are. We have a minimum and negotiate fees with you when you contact us depending on the hourly rate you charge for coaching.


“A huge thank you for such a good experience with the coach mentoring workshops.  You create such a great learning environment with a lightness of style combined with real depth that is inspiring.” MG

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