3D Juggling 492: Commissioning

Jane writes: ‘I was speaking with an Organisational Development Manager at a City Council last week who explained that their current focus was on commissioning.  Ring any bells?  It certainly will if you’re involved in the provision of health or social care, whichever sector you are operating from.

Lynn and I are currently designing a leadership development programme for an NHS organisation, and one of their requirements is that we help participants explore their responsibilities in relation to commissioning and delivery.  The outcomes required are changes that improve the quality of, and access to, patient care.

We won the opportunity to undertake this work through a competitive tendering process.  We were successful because we offered an approach to leadership development based on our belief that the people in the room will know the answers to the questions they need to answer – our role is to help them find them.  They may find them by drawing on their collective experience, knowledge and other resources.  They may find them through others or via research.  But they will find them.  And by finding them they learn how to find answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet – the questions of tomorrow, next month, next year.  They will also develop new networks of useful resources, and learn how to help others to do the same.

How do we achieve this?  By asking purposeful questions, with confidence that they can be answered.

Here are some examples of questions we may ask about commissioning:

Here are some examples of questions we may ask about service provision:

And here are some questions for everyone:

We will also introduce, where needed, relevant tools and techniques such as LEAN and Experience Based Design.

Who do you know that is involved in some way with commissioning? How could we help them to find the questions they need to ask – and the answers?

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