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3D Juggling 444: Sirens

Claire writes: ‘My Dad has always told me: ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’. Nevertheless, there seem to be plenty of offers around at the moment about making money in the recession. You’re even supposed to be able to pay money and eliminate your debts.

‘There’s nothing new under the sun’, says the Bible. At work or at home, there’s plenty to learn from Ulysees in the current climate. He had to travel home from his adventures and was warned by Circe to watch out for Sirens. The Sirens were nymphs with the power to charm by their song all who heard them, so that mariners were impelled to throw themselves into the sea and die. Ulysses was told to fill the ears of his seamen with wax, so that they would not hear the music; to have himself tied to the mast, and to tell his people, whatever he might say or do, not to release him until they had passed the Sirens’ island. Ulysses obeyed. As they approached the island, the sea was calm, and they heard music so amazing that Ulysses struggled to get loose and begged to be released. The people tied him harder and the ship held its course.

So if you’re being offered the equivalent of a free lunch, where are the sirens?’

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