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3D Ideas 897: Whose job?

Claire writes: “Under pressure, with the best of intentions, many leaders end up taking too much responsibility.  Emma is a Head Teacher and describes this better than I can:

“A year after participating in the inspirational Transforming Conversations training led by Claire, I can truly say the school I lead and manage has been transformed! A year ago there was an overwhelming dependency on me as headteacher to solve everyone’s problems and find solutions. Since applying the STOKeRS approach there is a greater sense of shared responsibility for identifying and overcoming barriers to school improvement. Today staff unwittingly find themselves using the approach to support one another other more effectively – and I no longer feel overwhelmed by shouldering the burden of others. I cannot recommend this training highly enough!”

This is a great example of how you can create a coaching culture by starting to have conversations differently.  When that works well, and it’s simple, others can easily engage differently themselves – as Emma says, unwittingly.  STOKeRS is simply a few questions to ask to ensure that we don’t start a conversation until we know what we are talking about today, how we will do that and how, today, we will know that we have done what we needed to do.”

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