3D Ideas 886: Changing Places

Email is the way to get hold of us now that we are working differently.  Remote has been a part of how we do what we do since the beginning of 3D.  It was phone work at the beginning and Claire is mid way through a live online coaching training for senior leaders across the world.  We have the technology! If you’re not sure how to use Zoom for training, Claire recorded a quick video hint last week.

Claire writes: “What strange times. Every day welcomes something odd that will become our new normal. We are learning how to slow down. Much of this is unknown. How long will it last? What will it be like? 

The battle in the supermarket is a less appealing part of change. I walk round the block three times a day in the spring sunshine savouring different. On my walks I have been thinking.  Last summer – when my daughter was here from New Zealand – we were having cold white wine every evening. I recognised that this was a habit I needed to change. Having never quite successfully completed dry January, a dry month felt impossible. Too many reasons to bend the rules. Counter-intuitively I decided to stop for longer and see whether that worked. This avoided the countdown of how many days were left. I found an online tribe called One Year No Beer.  I didn’t sign up and just read their blog posts.  It wasn’t easy for the first few days… but my app says I am now on Day 209 and I have no intention of drinking alcohol at the moment, although we have a plentiful supply. I don’t know if I have given up forever. That doesn’t matter. I am enjoying the benefit of what life brings when I live a different way.

Amongst all the confusing emotions, I am inspired a little when we are asked to live a different way for an unknown amount of time. Knowing that I have survived with no wine – and thrived on its absence for an unknown time period… it’s good to know that this slowlyness is also for a season. And who knows what we will learn?”

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