3D Ideas: Using Zoom for Training

Strange times bring a different kind of blog post.  Anyone who has a Zoom Room has a space to offer to others.  And coaching is future focussed and optimistic – just what we need.  Hope this is useful? Feel free to share it.  And while you’re here, have a quick peek at the rest of the blog. It might be useful in the coming days! If you would like to get the blog by email every week, you can do that here!


2 thoughts on “3D Ideas: Using Zoom for Training

  1. Nina Coil says:

    This was great, Claire. (I’m a friend of Bev C., a designer/facilitator in the Boston area). STAY HEALTHY and keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Anjum Mouj says:

    Many thanks for this. V helpful. Josh W passed it on via our work WhatsApp. Anjum Mouj Challenge Consultancy Associate

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