3D Ideas 852: What is the E?

It’s brilliant, when we are out and about, to hear feedback from people who are applying some of  what they have learned with us. I met Cara Moore at the UK ICF conference and we had an interesting conversation about the e in STOKeRS.  There was a blog about it in 2015.  

Cara writes: “I have been using STOKeRS for a while now for my contracting at the start of a coaching session, and found it to be immensely useful as a reminder about what to include. However the STOKeRS questions didn’t cover a couple of questions that I also like to ask at the contracting stage. Furthermore it always niggled me that there was no ‘E’!

So the additional questions I like to ask to expand a bit on the Subject and Outcome that the client brings are:

So to remind me of these questions, and to resolve the niggle I have about there not being an ‘E’, my suggestion is that ‘E’ is for Emphasis!!

What do you think?”

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