We wish you a happy new year if that’s what you celebrate where you live and work! We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your company through 2022. What are your highlights? What have you learned? Indeed what do you know now that you didn’t know at the beginning of the year?

Here are some of ours:

In numbers

  • 41 200 minutes watched on our YouTube channel
  • 50 000 + downloads of The Coaching Inn podcast
  • 30 people in group supervision with Claire plus lots of 1-1s
  • 55 people through mentor coaching for ACC and PCC with Peronel & Ruth
  • We have delivered 17 cohorts of Action Learning Set Facilitator Training 

In celebrations

  • People who have done our new Level 1 Coach Training are starting to get their ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation
  • Su became the Managing Partner of 3D
  • Claire stopped being the Managing Partner of 3D
  • Our colleague Rebi (and husband Jack) have had a 3D baby – Simeon!!
  • Claire was given the Outstanding Contribution to Coaching Award 2022 from Henley Business School

In learning

  • We are always learning from things that don’t go well.  In 2020 we brought in Mixed Mode training in response to the pandemic. In 2022, the video part of our mixed mode training has been moved to a learning platform so that delegates can access from home or work, and from computer, tablet or phone.
  • As work increases we are simplifying our systems and scaling – bringing in Friends of 3D to support the work we are delivering
  • We now offer development on different days in different time zones so that people can participate from every corner of the globe
  • We don’t expect delegates to read books or do written assignments and our training is becoming known for being accessible to people who are Neurodistinct

In anticipation

  • There’s a new book on the way
  • Alongside all our development of coaches, we will have a big focus on the 1-1 coaching we do
  • We will continue to make all our work even more accessible 

See you in 2023!


Su, Claire, Ruth, Ness and the 3D Team

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