Becoming an accredited coach through 3D

Coaching accreditation is a gateway on your journey, rather than a starting point for coaching. If you decide to externally validate your coaching, at 3D we like the ICF Accreditation process because they assess your skills – rather than your knowledge – against their core competencies. All the coach specific training you do with 3D is suitable for ICF Portfolio Accreditation. You can also bring in Face to Face or Voice to Voice coach specific training from other providers if it fulfils the ICF criteria.

Once you have completed Transforming Conversations (28 hours), here is what next:

Training Hours

You will need 60 training hours in total. We recommend:

Coaching Hours

You will need 100 hours of experience coaching to submit your application through the ICF Portfolio Route.

Mentor Coaching

We recommend that you register for a mentor coaching group once you have 50 coaching hours. This comes with 10 hours pre-recorded masterclasses on mastery in the ICF Coaching Competencies). (If you have bought the masterclasses already we will of course deduct that from the cost)

While all our training is being run online, once you have completed Transforming Conversations, the total cost of the training and mentoring you need to do with 3D to fulfil the ICF requirements is

This total covers group mentor coaching, courses and materials.  You cover ICF fees (at the moment it is $400 for members or $600 for non-members).  We can offer a staggered payment plan over a year.

To book your place, arrange modules and gain access to the recordings you need, email or call us on 07823 497967

*3D has chosen not to become an ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme because once you have completed our training we would like your coaching skills to be assessed by someone independent of 3D Coaching. All our training can be used as part of a portfolio application to ICF and we help you with what you need.