3D Juggling 711: Notes

legal-pad-979558_1920Claire writes: “A very common question in training events is about whether or not you should take notes when you are having a coaching style conversation. If your background or your day job requires any kind of due diligence, you’ll be used to taking them.

  1. It’s hard to listen with your eyes when you’re writing – Listen first
  2. What are you writing down? If it’s information about the problem or the context you may slip into talking to that instead of the person – Talk to the person
  3. Are you thinking what you might be forgetting something? – Try writing on one small sticky note rather than in an A4 notebook!

A coaching style is useful when the conversation is about the other person making some sense of their situation. Their stuff. Their notes. And if things need to be written down, try using David Clutterbuck’s Four Is at the end:

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