3D Juggling 709: Ask First

triathlon-race-805386_1280Accredited ICF coaches who want to renew their ACC need 10 hours mentor coaching over 3 years. Why not make it fun and join our Master Coach Claire and a group of renewing ACCs in a virtual group.  Call or email to say yes!

Nick writes: “A coach friend commented recently that he keeps annoying people he works with and is not sure why. He likes to challenge people’s thinking and they don’t always respond well. I asked, ‘Have you contracted first with them about how you will work together?’ Great questions at the outset can be, ‘What are we here to do?’ and ‘How shall we do this?’ It creates opportunity to discuss and agree what to focus on and what kind of relationship and ways of working will be most useful. These are the S, the O and the R in STOKeRS.”

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