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3D Juggling 707: The Odd Things

Coaching Toolkit

Claire writes: “We have been trying out a few ideas lately as we work with people to have more effective conversations. One thing I have noticed is how wordy we can get when trying to talk about something. It easily becomes interview and transmit more than facilitate and think.

So I went to Wilkos and bought half a dozen A3 sketch pads. The next masterclass for people using coaching at work, I gave them each a pad and a packet of pens. Once they had worked out what they were thinking about, the thinker simply drew or scribbled on the pad – and only asked for a question when they wanted one. Which was hardly ever! And when they did – they just noticed what they noticed about the page. Which was usually pointing quizically to the odd things – the empty space or the word with several underlinings.

The feedback from the thinkers was how much more effective it was a way of helping them think than a normal coaching conversation. And yet it was coaching and transformation emerged for them all.”

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