3D Juggling 695: Transition

Clare writes: “Coaching is all about change. Doing things differently. Being different. Talking on new things. Breaking old habits. And for every change to be successful, there needs to be a transition. The psychological shift if you like. The mind-set, attitudes, values – all of these need to alter before the change can be sustainable.

Each transition has an ending, a neutral zone and a beginning, according to William Bridges. Managed (or coached) well, each phase helps us to let go of old mind-sets, beliefs, assumptions and discover new ones that will propel us forward.

How do you build this into your coaching or conversations?”

Clare will be running a webinar on Using Coaching in Transition on 30th November at 6pm. Join us to find out more. Early Bird Price £20 and 1.5 Hours CPD.

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