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3D Juggling 691: Punctuation

Claire writes: “Punctuation pedants will know that a semicolon is a break in a sentence that is stronger than a comma but not as final as a full stop. Both clauses can stand alone yet have a connection.

Breaks are as important in life as in sentences and it’s interesting to observe how our 24/7 culture means that there is often an expectation that can be no complete break in work for holidays. I also notice that a long and unpunctuated sentence is unreadable.

If you have a meetings culture in your organisation, you may find a similar dilemma. Too many meetings and no breaks means there is no time to action what was decided in the meeting let alone catch up on emails and calls.

Punctuation matters. So do breaks. that’s why we are switching to a different pace of work over the summer. You can still call the office and email info@3dcoaching.com – and we may take a little longer to respond.”

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