3D Juggling 687: We don’t need coaches

Claire writes: ‘The world and the workplace don’t need coaches. We simply need people who can think and think creatively. Some of us can get there more easily is we are in the company of another.

I always think that the most value in conversations I have with people is what happens in the hour (or week) after they have left… when the flow of their thinking starts making the most difference.

The real coaching happens after the session is over!’

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One thought on “3D Juggling 687: We don’t need coaches

  1. Rachel Davis says:

    Hi Claire, Your post struck a chord with me as I have found this to be true of most of my coaching interactions so far (I am a novice, novice). A coachee recently said to me ‘It’s really strange – there were things you said at the time that I just dismissed but then over the weekend they just kept niggling me and I started to see things differently…’

    I was so happy to hear that it had been useful because I had not been so sure during our session (I had worried that I hadn’t done a good enough job for her). Interestingly, these kinds of comments have continued to come (from a range of different people that I have been trying a coaching approach with) and I have become more confident in allowing for the ‘good’ work to be being done when I am not there – this is new territory for me – but a very happy place to be!

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