3D Juggling 678: The Seventh Wave

Claire writes: “I love standing and staring at the sea. There is something mesmerising about watching the waves. They come up the beach to about the same point… until the seventh wave. The wave which soaks unsuspecting feet and comes higher up the beach! The body of water has moved. But its’ real position is not at the top of the beach… its’ new position is at the back

Like the sea, a coaching style conversation has ebb and flow. There are moments where the tide comes in and a new insight emerges surprisingly. The person’s true position – where they are now – is at the back of the wave.

The role of the coach or facilitator is to be there and touch the conversation just enough to keep it in flow. Not every question or observation is going to be transformational. They may simply be keeping the thinking moving. That’s why really short questions work well – they keep the flow without interrupting it. And the coach, or coaching style leader needs to keep out of the way enough that the seventh wave has time to move things forward. Dams and tributaries that we impose can slow the flow.

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