3D Juggling 655: It’s Not Coaching

Claire writes: My big revelation of September is that when we are running Coaching for Excellence, we’re not training people to be coaches.  It’s only about having more effective conversations at work.  Some people will end up being coaches, but everyone ends up being far more effective and supportive as well as challenging in their conversations.

When we go into a conversation with people, we often have a list of things to discuss, or we are so open that we begin with wide open listening.  The risk is that we’re not clear enough about exactly what we are doing, nor how we are going to do it – before we start.  The Chinese proverb ‘The Banks of the Yangtse give it depth, drive and direction’ is right.  Too many conversations at work are more like puddles (or floods) than flowing rivers. That’s where the container we can learn from coaching can be so helpful – with a great start, a great middle and a productive end.  It’s simple.  And it takes some unlearning to get there.  We call a good start a contract – for want of a better word. You could equally well call it making banks!

It’s simple.  Simple isn’t easy.

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