3D Juggling 654: What is a wheel?

Most of the 3D team have had a change of pace over the summer – and it’s good to be back into the new season.  Congratulations to Peronel who has just been awarded the Associate Certified Coach credential.

Claire writes: “We went for the slow static break this summer – on a campsite in Suffolk.  After the American gap-year-in-a fortnight with one of my daughters earlier in the year, it was great to park the wheels and to be in the same place and to allow the mind and the body to slow down in sync.  Time and space often get out of alignment.  In May we went to Philadelphia twice within three days – but so much had changed in my thinking and perceptions during the time we were upstate, that it felt like a very different place.  That’s why the ‘Where are we now? What do we need to do next?’ questions from the coaching toolkit are so useful at work.

[Wheels allow us to move where where we need to go physically. Which is interesting to notice when so many organisations have a reporting structure that looks like a wheel – and where board or trustee meetings are spokes reporting into a hub.  One of my summer thinkings has been t notice how that can make an organisation quite static.  Because wheels are meant to be a moving part that allows the vehicle to travel where the organisation/ stakeholders need it to go.]

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