3D Juggling 652: Balanced Scales

There are still a number of people coming forward for interview coaching.  If you know you will need support in the next few weeks, let us know soon so we can support you as we have holidays coming up! 

Claire writes: “When I was working with people who wanted to move into international aid and development roles overseas, we often talked about the need for balance between knowledge and skill and experience.  They’re most useful when they are balanced enough.

We often talk to people about their own professional development.  Some organisations don’t require this, and others make it mandatory.  It’s a useful way of continuing to keep an edge in the way we work, I think – even if we are challenged by things where we disagree and are caused to think.

A great way to balance our development is to consideriStock_000016468623XSmall

If we’re a learning junkie, that can help us discern value – and if we’re not, it can challenge us as to whether no development is serving those with whom we work.

If things are quietening down over the summer, it might be a good time to think.”

All our training and teleclasses can be used as CPD for coaches.

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