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3D Juggling 649: Nonsense

Claire writes: “Some people simply don’t know what they think until they speak.  I’ve had a number of conversations about this in the last couple of weeks with people who know that they need to do it to understand, and are aware of the impact it may have on others, and yet don’t know what to do about it.

It’s the difference between impact and intention, which we have talked about before.  What is emerging sense to one person can be received as nonsense (or a fully formed business plan) by someone else, who may have stopped focussing by the time the external processor has come to the point.

Whether this is an interview, or a board meeting or a conversation with a colleague, showing the working out can make sense of the nonsense:
‘Let me think out loud….’
‘So what I really mean/ think/ am saying is…'”

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