3D Juggling 647: Winning Bananagrams

Goodbye and thank you to James Grenfell who is moving on to work full time for US.

Claire writes: “I’m just back from a month sabbatical, where I carried our faithful Bananagrams bag to provide entertainment.  It’s Scrabble-Like with no board.  Mike hates playing with me because I win.  And I win because midway through the game I see that I am stuck and mix up the letters and create a completely different set of words.  He likes the words he’s made and tried to fix new ones to them.

The long planned sabbatical was to walk the Camino in Spain with Peronel – a 30 day pilgrimage that we had begun to train for, and to which we were looking forward. Then some big stuff happened at home, and the Camino was no longer an option.  I kept the time in the diary but had no idea what would emerge.  Mid April, some things freed up, and a completely new sabbatical time emerged which was as good as if not better than the original plan.  The only similarity was that the essence of space and adventure and downtime was still there.

As I unpacked over the weekend, and put away Bananagrams, I was reminded that at work and in life it’s often important to be willing to push aside some or all of the pieces and use them to create something new.  And that can often be good.”

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