3D Juggling 645: Buttons

Claire writes: “Two days in a row, people have said to me ‘Help me see the wood for the trees’.  It’s a tricky one when the detail of what’s going on in the here and now makes it hard to see what else is going on.

All of us live and work in systems.  John Donne’s ‘No man is an island’ is as true at work as it is in families and for people living alone.  So how do we see the wood for the trees?  When we are training people to think about systems in one to one conversations, we encourage them to take a pile of buttons and use those to move around and depict the different systems they are in.  It can be remarkably useful.  If you carry out review conversations with others, getting them to use buttons to take an overview of their work can often help them to notice new and different things.  Anything that helps us take a different perspective.”

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