3D Juggling 636: The Art of Shocking

Claire writes: “We have been doing a lot of work around challenge in the last few weeks.  The big recognition is that challenge is abnormal for most of us, and at work it usually comes up when people push back or challenge or criticise – usually when they don’t agree with something.  Trust may be low and challenge is often not received with the intention with which is delivered.

The big learning about challenge in a coaching approach is that people are a lot less challenging than they think.  When you ask people who are being coached how challenging a question was, they will always score it lower than the person who asked it.  Interesting.  In a coaching approach, when someone trusts you and trusts the process, challenge is often about saying what you see without judgement – or performance anxiety.  It takes practice to get there, and it can lead to transformation.  Shocking can be healthy!”

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