3D Juggling 633: Life- Life Balance

Our guest blogger this week is Adrian Nolloth.  Adrian writes: “I’ve always had a problem with the term ‘Work Life Balance’. We all know what it means, but it’s what it implies that bothers me. It says that there are two separate compartments: life and work, and that work is somehow different from life.

Surely if work is a valid part of the whole of life, then why the segregation?  Work, let’s face it, has the potential to be both boring and exhilarating, but then again so does life. They can both be rewarding –  perhaps in different ways. Life can be tough and difficult – but so can work. Work is something that we can absorb ourselves into and that can engage us totally – but then there are certain things we choose to do in life that can do that too.

Hang on… choose?  Choices?  Is that the key to this? Maybe the work/ life is about choices – and where there are choices there is a balance to be struck. Where possible, which parts of our whole life do we choose to allow priority over other areas for a given time? There are always balancing acts to perform in our lives, mainly due to what it throws up into our path (it has been said that life is what happens to us when we were busy making other plans).

The message in the Work Life Balance statement is that the choices we make in order to bring some kind of balance into our lives are important. So, whether it’s work, family, finances, friends, leisure, church… the list goes on, it’s all LIFE as we know it.

To quote the immortal words from the 1996 film Trainspotting – CHOOSE LIFE!”

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