3D Juggling 631: Keep out of the way

If you work in an organisation, you may be interested in December’s masterclass on the ethics of working in a system.  We have also set dates for new telephone masterclasses on all 11 competencies of coaching – Fridays 9am .  Suitable for people who have done some coaching training.

Claire writes: “It never ceases to amaze me the capacity people have to think and understand and find ways forward when we keep out of the way.  Yet most of us are highly skilled at interrupting or assuming or getting in the way of other people’s thinking processes.

That’s why in a coaching style conversation, process questions are so important:

Questions about content simply transfer data from the person speaking to the coach.  Which is only useful if the person coaching needs to know. Noticing things (succinctly!) and saying what we see or hear also helps.”

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