3D Juggling 630: Plenty of time

Claire writes: “At Coaching for Excellence tomorrow we will be talking about how to coach in 5 minutes.  Of course it’s very different from a full blown sit down conversation.  And people find that it is far more productive than they imagined. Five full minutes to stand up and think about something with a thinking partner is a gift. So is the shift of a conversation from:
‘I know you’re really busy, but I’d like to talk to you’ when we reply ‘I’ve only got five minutes so let’s book an hour conversation at another time.’

to ‘I have a good five minutes now – if that’s useful, what would you like to talk about?’

When we know the other person is here to help us think, and we know they won’t suddenly walk off or take a phone call, five minutes might be enough.”

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2 thoughts on “3D Juggling 630: Plenty of time

  1. Mourijn says:

    Nice approach, I think a 5 minutes coaching conversation can have great impact. Particularly with the clarity upfront that this will only be a very short conversation. It really helps for both client and coach to be to the point. If needed a further conversation can be scheduled in to allow more time. Would the impact of the longer conversation be very different?

  2. Sometimes you can do as much in 5 minutes as in an hour, I think. If the 5 minutes helps the coachee understand something in a new way, a further session on that topic may not be necessary – or if it is it will start in a very different place.

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