3D Juggling 626: Containers

Claire writes: “We’ve been out and about a lot in the last few weeks – and delivering training is a place where we also sharpen our thoughts and develop new ideas.

Lots of our events are about having effective conversations at work – whether that’s called coaching or review or a meeting or something else.  Peter Senge (in Presence) talks about transformation in chemistry happening in a container – often a test tube or a conical flask.  You put in the ingredients and add heat or a catalyst.  A delegate who is a former chemistry teacher loved this analogy and said that catalysts help reactions to happer faster and at a lower temperature than you’d expect.

We think that effective conversations need a container to think in.  It’s useful to open up the conversation and decide what we are doing and how we will do it, to take time listening, exploring and doing the work, and then ending well with something useful to be taken away.  When we do this, we are likely to think differently and more will be known at the end of our time than at the beginning.  In coaching, it’s the coachee who will know more.  Not the coach! They are the catalyst.

3D Coaching STOKERS LozengeAs the Chinese proverb says: ‘The Banks of the Yangtse give it depth, drive and direction.‘  Conversations that are like puddles don’t serve anyone.

(And it is fine on occasion to meander through a conversation and go wherever we end up… as long as that’s what we have both agreed to do!)”

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