3D Juggling 625: Pragmatically Imperfect

Claire writes: “Mary Poppins might have been practically perfect in every way.  The media try and convince us that we need to be perfect.  And we know we’re not!  In coaching we are not trying to help people be perfect.  We are trying to help them engage and thrive more effectively.  It’s very different. And interview coaching is all about becoming fluent enough – it’s not about giving perfect answers.

Many people we listen to talk about being perfectionists.  I heard an interesting and revealing talk this week by a senior leader in an organisation talking about her own journey away from perfectionism.  She said “If you’re trying to be authentic and people don’t like you that’s OK. If you’re trying to be perfect and they don’t like you it’s crippling.”

The world doesn’t need perfect people.  It needs people who are authentic.  I’m looking forward to reading Brene Brown’s ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ to find out more about what she has discovered in her research.  Meanwhile, being pragmatically imperfect seems a good start to the week.”

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