3D Juggling 621: Own Goals

More about goals in coaching in this afternoon’s telephone Masterclass at 5pm – call the office on 01462 483798 to register.

Claire writes: “Some people love to set goals for home and life and everything.  Some don’t.  Of those that do, I notice that some people or organisations measure goals, make mini goals and work towards them and others simply make them and abandon them.  We are all different.  David Megginson has a book coming out shortly called ‘Beyond Goals‘.  He says that fixed mindsets favour SMART measurable goals and others prefer more scruffy outcomes.  David Clutterbuck’s research has found that people are more likely to change their behaviour if they think they might do something that determine that they will. Interesting.

None of this is rocket science but a helpful reminder that when we are working with people we need to make space for them to do what they need to do – whether that is to regoal or degoal.

I’m not a great one for goals for myself, but as I restart the 5:2 eating plan today it’s more about feeling more energetic than targets and milestones – although I hope that some of those might emerge on the way. So taking advice from Clutterbuck, I might have two fasting days a week!

A great way, of course, of finding what’s helpful for someone is to ask them!’

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