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3D Juggling 618: Juggling Again

Claire writes: “In this weather in England, pace is quite important.  How do you get through the day with enough energy in spite of the heat?  If you’re outside at all, it seems to require a different pace from other times of the year.

Most of us are juggling activities, work and home life, or family and pace is equally important there.  The Centre for Creative Leadership has done some interesting work into this.

They talk about how people do or don’t separate roles and tasks, and where they put boundaries, with some interesting reflections on how that impacts others.  Having just seen my youngest daughter leave school this term, it makes me reflect on how seasons influence our choices – and when we need to remember that we can choose to blend things differently – whether for a few weeks or a longer season. So are you an

Which is a reminder for us to say that 3D will move into a lighter cycle now until the beginning of September. There are still spaces for people looking for 1-1 coaching and someone will be responding to phone calls and emails but we will be doing shorter hours.”

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2 thoughts on “3D Juggling 618: Juggling Again

    1. Claire says:

      Interesting reflection, Matt. Having spent yesterday afternoon at a breathing clinic with someone, I have learned that breathing well means exhaling for longer than we inhale.

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