3D Juggling 611: Out Of Body Experience

Welcome to all our new readers this week – we’ve met a whole bunch of lovely people who have signed up in the last few weeks. Hot off the press, there will be a Team Coaching Masterclass in Milton Keynes on 4th July.  Alan and Claire will be unpacking some of the interesting things about working with teams.

Claire writes: “There’s a lot of change going on and we are meeting an increasing number of people who are looking to change jobs and finding the interview process a challenging thing to navigate.  If you have been brought up with humility as a value, an interview can feel like a shameless exercise in self promotion.  The conflict that this creates in people means that some people take their body to the interview and leave the real self outside the door – like an out of body experience.  The same can happen with introverts who are only just arriving as the interview is ending – and who come up with the best answers out of everyone – two days after the decision has been made.

What can be done?  Firstly, it’s a mindset.  It doesn’t have to be self promotion but if you can’t describe how you do what you do, no one else will speak for you.  Secondly, good preparation and identifying stories that demonstrate that can really make a difference.  It’s worth thinking through what evidence the panel is looking for and noting key words that will remind you what story might illustrate that.  If you can answer with an example and then say what happened you will find that it feels less arrogant.  Often people we work with jot down names of people to help them remember their stories.  Then instead of going in alone, you will be going to the interview with a cloud of witnesses who will help you describe how you do what you do.  Because in the end, although the panel are looking to see that you match the person profile, almost every candidate will.  They will probably appoint on what’s different and your stories will help them see what that is.”

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