3D Juggling 602: Of Tandem Riding

The next coaching masterclass is about creating awareness – 25th Feb at 5pm on a teleconference call for an hour.  Are you joining us?

Claire writes: “The start of a conversation is, I think, critical.  Are we clear enough about what we are here to do, how we are going to do it, and how we will know we have?  Even if that is to be clear and transparent that we simply need to talk, with no agenda.

That’s what we encourage on all our courses.  A delegate on a recent course said that an acronym would help him remember, and he came up with STORS.  Developing that, we have started to use STOKeRS which is what I introduced on a course yesterday, when someone said – ‘Did you know a stoker is the person on the back of a tandem?’ Their role is as a motor. They should be able to generate more power than a rider on a single bike – either keeping some in reserve or with a burst of power for the climbs. And the stoker never steers!  STOKeRS can help in many different 1-1s – not just coaching conversations:
S – what subject/s are we talking about today (managers can add some of their own as well as colleagues)
T – in the time we have, what is it we really need to talk about (especially useful if subject is large or complex)
O – Outcome – what would you (we) like to be different by the end of this conversation
K – how will you (we) know we have done that?
R – what’s my role?
S – where shall we start?

It feels artificial, but we notice if you get enough clarity, the conversation is easier and more effective for all.  Try it!  And feel free to share it (…we’d appreciate if you credited 3D)”

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