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3D Juggling 591: Enough is Enough

There is still a space on 27th November at the Action Learning Set Facilitator Training in London. WOuld you like to join us?  If you are ICF Member, the main sessions from the conference are now up on the website in the members area.  Worth watching!

Claire writes: “When I started 3D in the late 1990s, I had a landline and an Amstrad PCW.  Now we run most of the business on the cloud off phones, laptops and iPads!  Technology has really helped make working smarter, easier, faster…

But it’s quicker to email than to phone, it’s less hassle to text than to go and have a conversation face to face.  And there is considerable concern now from early advocates of technology that todays young adults are losing the ability to have conversations.  Sherry Turkle, talks on this TED lecture about her change of heart  And todays young adults didn’t get technologically savvy until they were 4 or 5 or 6 which raises questions about the iGeneration.

I remember advice from someone who used to be in sales:  For every 5 emails make a phone call, and for every ten try and meet up face to over a face to face coffee!

When’s enough eCommunication enough, and when is it time to meet? Think about it…?”

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