3D Juggling 588: Vulnerability and Courage

Claire writes: “We got some great feedback on how much you connected to Theodore Roosevelt’s comments about it being OK to fail when we dare greatly.

I’ve been running a couple of sessions this week for people engaging in the application process to find new roles.  The way questions are asked compunded with social pressure may make us feel that we have to be full of great examples of success.  Great evidence also comes from talking about what we learn when we fail.  Guy Stagg writes that in the USA,’ the most enterprising country in the world is built not just on aspiration, but on failing with maximum efficiency.

All that raises a big question: What would be possible if we were more honest about vulnerability as well as success in selection?  And how will that be received by organisations and interviewers?

Over 12 years, Brene Brown took 11000 pieces of data and found that there was not a single example of courage that didn’t include vulnerability.  She says “Vulnerability is not weakness. It is our most accurate measure of courage.”

Are we courageous enough? Think about it…?”  We’d love to hear what you think – please join the discussion on www.3dcoaching.com/blog

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