Su writes: “Up and down the country, people are turning out in herds to witness the Olympic Torch passing by where they live.  Where we were, people were 10 deep on the pavements, and on roundabouts, on verges, hanging out of balconies, on shoulders, on tiptoes.

There was a sense of thick excitement in the air, a great sense of community, warmth and good humour and oodles of suspense. When the moment came, cameras clicked and people cheered. And then the moment passed: in reality we had maybe 5 torch minutes and an hour of anticipation.

All those people came together for a common purpose: it was about being part of the Olympic spirit.

How does this relate to business? When we ask for commitment and engagement from our employees are we inspiring them at the right level? Are we connecting with them at the “Olympic spirit” level which gets them excited or the “standing in the rain with a group of noisy people” level which is realistic but dull?”