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3D Juggling 570: Say it out loud

Jane writes: “We just had some feedback from a senior leader who attended a development day with us about behaving assertively.  They said that ‘the real play was invaluable, and doing it from my ‘antagonist’ and ‘observer’ perspectives gave us a host of insights’.

The words we think we need to say sound different when we say them out loud. It is more than having a few bullet points on a page.
In life, we only get one chance at a conversation.  If it misses the mark, we spend many days, months or years dealing with the consequences.  It’s safe to get words wrong in real play because we can keep rehearsing until the sense feels right.

Who do you trust to tell you how what you say makes them feel?  Who can you rehearse with? Think about it…”

And we provide space to rehearse during coaching sessions. Talk to us if that would be a useful way forward for you

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Out there

According to the recent CIPD report about  Learning and Talent Development the main leadership skills that organisations lack are performance management skills, leading and people management skills and skills to manage change.  All of these involve having robust and purposeful conversations.  Think about it.  What would it worth to get them right first time?
And listen to what the authors of Influencer are saying: ‘Tens of thousands of medical errors continue to happen because individuals who may have practiced drawing blood or moving a patient or reading a gauge dozens of times haven’t studied and practiced how to confront a colleague – or even more frightening –  a physician’ (or manager or bishop or…)

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