3D Juggling 567: Stop reading books!

Claire writes: ‘I met someone last week who is interested in developing coaching skills and has done a big amazon shop to help develop their skillset.  They are somewhat confused. The same can be true when developing other skills.  And there lies the problem of reading too many books…

It’s rather like reading the highway codes of every nation.  One says – there is no code.  Another – drive on the left. Drive on the right. Give priority to cars coming from the right. Drive to win!  The only way to learn to drive is to do it.  In the car.  And to have an instructor who can help you learn and give you feedback against what is agreed to be good and safe driving in that country.

I am fascinated that billions of pounds are spent on training people to use technical skills and hardly anything is spent on helping them learn to communicate with others – and receive feedback in a safe environment.  If you want to refine any kind of skill, there is a time when you need to stop reading books and start practicing – with feedback.  Think about it…’

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