Claire writes: “Every time I record a podcast at The Coaching Inn, it sets me thinking! This week, you’ll hear me in conversation with Robbie Swale. One of the subjects we covered was ambition. It’s a word that evokes emotion for many different reasons. Maybe you dislike the stereotypical view of ambition as someone who will get where they want to be regardless of the cost to others.

Much of my work over the last 30 years has been with people who consider their work to be a vocation – whether that’s in the health service, the church or other spaces. I have met many people who are so averse to ambition as a concept that they keep their heads down in spite of gifts and skills that would make them great leaders. In the early 2000s (why have I just deleted – ‘at the beginning of this century!’) I did a lot of work with people like that and started exploring the concept of possibility-centred leadership. For me that’s where you believe you could do something. This is a very different stance from believing you must or have to do it.

It makes me smile that Monday’s interview with Rachel Weiss was a perfect demonstration of believing you could. Rachel’s idea of a Menopause Cafe has gone from a coffee shop in Perth to a global movement (with an online festival 17-18 June 2022 if you’re interested). Not because that was her ambition, but because over time she believed it could happen. And that belief meant that she was able to notice opportunities and gently push the door. Watch Rachel introduce her social innovation on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.”

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