Claire writes: “After the indulgence of the Christmas season, it seems appropriate to advocate simplifying as we enter a new year!

The irony about coaching is that it’s very simple and people often don’t understand what’s different about coaching from other conversations. It can be tempting to over explain. And the more we explain, the more we are on transmit and the more we sound like an expert. And the more we sound like an expert, the greater the impact on our partnership. Then people defer to us because we have a lot to say and they start giving us wisdom we don’t deserve! Keeping it simple might just mean moving from talking about coaching to having a 5 minute coaching conversation. That’s about people experiencing coaching rather than describing it! 

Simplifying Coaching has just celebrated its first birthday. If you’ve read it and loved it, we’d love you to pop a review on Amazon on Good Reads so that others looking for simplicity will find it when they search – thank you!”

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