Claire writes: “The biggest challenge, I think, with talking professions is that we talk about things! Einstein said that ‘you can’t solve a problem in the frame in which it was created’. Given that all sorts get tangled up through words, it’s useful, I think to invite people to try something out.

Inviting someone to try something out can bring much more insight than inviting them to talk about it.  At 3D we call this changing the medium – moving from talking to looking together. That can sound like all kinds of things.

  • What do you think you could do? (head) – becomes let’s try it out here (body)
  • Listen for the physical words they are using and invite them to follow through ‘If only I could stand back and look’  – becomes ‘shall we try that?’ or ‘it’s a mess’ becomes ‘shall we map that out and have a look together?’

Trying things out enables people to look at the thing. Which is different from talking about looking at the thing.  And once they can look at it, it’s a small step to look at it differently.

(This doesn’t work for everyone!)”

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